Control of Appearance


Control became the way of life in my marriage from the way I styles my hair to the clothes I wore. I was not allowed to leave my home without makeup.

I stood in front of my mirror brushing my hair. My hair was long down to the middle of my back. It was the color strawberry and all one length because that is what he wanted.He walks up behind me without saying a word and takes the brush from my hand and forcefully presses the bristles against my scalp until I could feel the pain of needles penetrating. He pulls the brush down hard through my hair. I can feel it coming out by the roots. Tears rolling down my cheek from the pain. He finished forcefully brushing my hair laid the brush on the vanity and walked out.

I Am A Suvivor


I am a survivor of domestic violence. I walked away from my marriage to take my life back. after being blamed for my own abuse. After two years of depression and grieving the heartbreak of a broken marriage and family I picked myself up and decided to attend college when I achieved two degrees both in Criminal Justice studies. One in Criminal Psychology and the other in Leadership and Management. It took me six years to take my life back. However, my accomplishments didn’t come without struggles, homelessness, blood, sweat and tears.

I escaped my violence and you can escape the violence in your life too. Take a deep breath and take the first step in changing your life. Domestic violence is not your fault as a victim.

Join me for encouraging words, advice and stories about other victims. I am a survivor of domestic violence and you can be too.

“Every 15 seconds a women is beaten in this country. For as many as four million women this battering is so severe they require medical or police intervention. But for nearly 4000 women each year the abuse ends. They die”.

Cold Case Backlog


Almost done with my undergraduate degree. I have been so busy I have not had much time to write.

I’ll carry on. Ordered a book about old case research. Pretty interesting book to say the least. A lot of material to read though mostly about Jane Doe’s. It’s sad because these people lived and died. And, no one knows their name. Some have vanished and been forgotten because of the cold case backlog from lack of evidence. Families are denied justice in the death of their loved ones and their case gets colder by the day. There is a lot of frustration for both law enforcement and families.

I have visited cemeteries and seen unmarked graves from earlier times and thought and wondered who the person was and  how they died? Were they alone or forgotten?  Or were they part of some tragedy or violent crime? What is their story?It would be terrible to die alone and then be forgotten or be a Jane or Doe who suffered violently and no one solve your case.

Vanishing without a trace. Some of these people may still be alive. Held some where against their will. These people may become victims of human trafficking  These victims may also be dead and no trace of any remains ever found.Someone may have come in contact with them and thought they recognized them but does not want to get involved for fear of their safety. Their disappearance continues to remain a mystery. Years later their remains are found and they then become Jane or John Doe. And, because of lack of evidence or witnesses they become part of the cold case backlog.

If you ever witness or think you see something unusual report it to authorities no matter how big or small. You can ask to remain anonymous and you may actually save a life or give John or Jane Doe back their identity.

Learning Self-Love


theskinnymirror-selfloveLearning Self Love

No one can give you the love you seek deeply within yourself. You are connected to yourself. The love you hold within is infinite. When you connect with yourself, you love yourself completely; you are radiant and beautiful. Your smile glows like the reflection of the sun. Once you understand the meaning of love within yourself, you can find true peace and happiness.

You cannot change your past. You have ep breath and release resentment, blame, judgement and anger that surrounds and consumes your life. Make peace with yourself. Take the time to set yourself free both mentally and physically.

You can be the parent you never had or love your child the way you were never loved.This is not uncommon when there is a void in your heart that is not healed. But, you have to let go and find the force of love within yourself.

Self-love is not a luxury or a material gift that you receive. Those things only give you temporary happiness. True love and happiness are not measured by these things but are felt from within and seen through expressions.

Self-love has to be incorporated from the moment you wake up until the moment you fall asleep. You make a promise to love yourself in every way and every day, Dedicate time to yourself through daily expressions, inspirations, meditation, prayer, exercise, healthy eating, and plenty of sleep.

Self-love is a commitment you yourself and in return, you give yourself, joy, happiness, and abundant living.

Continuous self-love grows within you once you remove negativity that controls and consumes your life. You must remove negative thought that makes you have low self-esteem such as not being good enough, feeling unwanted, or that you do not fit in with those people around you. These types of negativeness cause depression, mood swings, unhealthy eating, and sleep deprivation.  Eventually, causing a decline in your overall health.

You have choices, embrace those choices. Think happy, loving thoughts about yourself. Fantasize and dream about yourself being in beautiful places from a sunny meadow of beautiful flowers and soft melodies of birds to dancing in the soaking rain skipping through mud puddles with childlike memories. Pick up a book and read, relax and embrace being the character in the story.

You only need to be willing to love yourself.

Say it. “I love myself.”

Say it again and smile. “ I love myself.”

Shout it out loud with excitement. “I LOVE MYSELF!”

Do it as many times as you wish. The more you say it, the more you believe it.

Take a deep breath and breathe!

The power of intention will manifest itself fully in your consciousness.

In my own journey. I can honestly say this applies to me as well. I am guilty of not taking my own advice. Sometimes I struggle with who I am. However, I do love myself. I can pull myself back up  into positive thoughts. I try and take care of myself every day. Sometimes it’s hard, but you just have to put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward. No one can do it for me.

I have forgiven my past and released the pain. But, sometimes I get consumed reminiscing about what could have been. It’s okay to think about your past but do not dwell on it.

The past produces positive lessons that impact your willpower to move forward and embrace life. For me, these positives outweigh the negatives and produce tiny miracles that I would not have experienced otherwise.

I have a great relationship and friendships that I treasure. I can actively manifest my dreams, follow my passions and live my purpose.

No matter who you are or where you have been. You have the power to transform your life into something beautiful. The beauty starts within yourself. It all begins with you and loving yourself through self-love.

Self-love is vital in improving our health, relationships, and outlook on life. It is just as important as the love we give to others. Here are five good reasons to practice the healthy self-love:

  • 1. Self-love is important for a healthy mind and body. Not loving yourself can make yourself physically ill.
  • 2. As you love yourself, you automatically receive the love and appreciation that you desire from others.
  • 3. You cannot accept love if you do not feel yourself worthy to be loved. Every time we tell ourselves we are not good enough, pretty enough, or smart enough, we are essentially telling ourselves we don’t deserve love.
  • 4. If you like yourself and feel secure in yourself, you will have plenty of love to give others.
  • 5. The better you feel about yourself the better your life will be.



A Little of Everything


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