Criminal Research & Forensic Psychology

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Violent acts against women were once considered a private matter. These violent acts include dating violence, domestic violence and intimate partner violence, emotional abuse, human trafficking, same-sex relationship violence, sexual assault and abuse, stalking, violence against immigrant and refugee women, violence against women at work, and violence against women with disabilities.

Sometimes, women are attacked by strangers, but most often they are hurt by people who are close to them, such as a husband or partner. Whether you are attacked by a stranger or mistreated by a partner, violence, and abuse can have terrible effects. There is help available for you.

 As a victim, I lacked education other than a high school diploma and a real estate license. After years of threats, verbal, and emotional abuse. I lack resources to get help and when I tried no one believed me because of nice materialistic assets that we owned. I simply walked away leaving it all behind. I took my life back. I attend technical college and became a cosmetologist but, I needed more. So I attended college and earned both my AS and BS in Criminal Justice and currently I am focused on earning my MS in Forensic Psychology. I am a member of the DoeNetwork, NameUS, and the American Psychological Association. If I can change my life you can too. I have faced many obstacles from hunger to homelessness but I survived and became stronger. The most important thing that I did for myself was taking the first step, never giving up, and never looking back. Never, forget to make God a priority in your life and hold on to faith because without him I would have given up long ago.

I hope my website can be informative and inspire you as I continue to update and add more information and resources. I also offer services of coaching, advocacy, research and legal document preparation. For questions or concerns please email me. If you need help please call 911.